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  • I was looking for a satellite receiver and A1 Digital were able to give me comprehensive advice and assist me with finding the right product for my requirements. Very helpful!
    Mr Champion
  • We needed a system that would satisfy all of our residents' needs. A1 Digital provided a solution, installed and tested it. The service was prompt and installed with a minimum of disruption. We will use A1 Digital for all of our future television and radio requirements. Well done Keith!
    Red Devon Housing Ltd

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Set Top Boxes

A Set Top Box is also known as a receiver. This is the external piece of hardware that you plug into your television to receive a DVB (Digital Video Broadcast) Signal.  Tthis can be over multiple formats. One of these being Freeview, this is where the signals are transmitted from beacons and received by an Aerial on the roof.  They are then decoded by the Freeview Set Top Box. Satellite Set Top Boxes (Satellite Receivers) utilise a dish set up and pick up the signals which are reflected off a satellite and received by the Set Top Box through the Dish and LNB Set up.

Most televisions now include a digital tuner as standard, however the on board software is often clunky and unintuitive.  This is why external hardware such as Set Top Boxes have remained so popular.

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