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The letters in LNB stand for Low Noise Block, This is the unit that is located at the end of the arm on your satellite dish. An LNB receives the very small microwave signals reflected by your parabolic satellite dish, then amplifies them and converts them into small electrical pulses which can be picked up and decoded by different electronic devices. This is usually a Satellite Receiver.

The noise figure of an LNB can be related to the cleanliness and the quality of the signal being passed down the cable to your Satellite Receiver, so the lower the noise figure the higher the quality.

We have an excellent selection of Low Noise Figure LNBs on offer.

Sky Quad LNB Sky Quad LNB
Mk 4 Quad LNB - fits Mk4 satellite dish - for older style Mk 3 dishes you will require a LNB adap...
Sky Octo LNB Sky Octo LNB
Suitable for Sky and Freesat. Each of the 8 outputs can be connected to 8 single tuner satell...
60cm Fixed Satellite Dish DIY Kit 60cm Fixed Satellite Dish DIY Kit
This complete kit is supplied to you with all of the components needed to install a fixd dish sui...
Technomate 0.2dB Quad LNB Technomate 0.2dB Quad LNB
The Technomate 0.2dB Quad output universal LNB Is designed to fit all dishes that have a standard...
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