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  • I was looking for a satellite receiver and A1 Digital were able to give me comprehensive advice and assist me with finding the right product for my requirements. Very helpful!
    Mr Champion
  • We needed a system that would satisfy all of our residents' needs. A1 Digital provided a solution, installed and tested it. The service was prompt and installed with a minimum of disruption. We will use A1 Digital for all of our future television and radio requirements. Well done Keith!
    Red Devon Housing Ltd


New Line of Network Switches

08 July 2014

We are pleased to announce that we are updating and revamping our product selection!

Why not take a look at our brand new range of TP-Link Network Switches to give any home or office the reliability of a hard wired network...

Many Thanks

The A1 Team

Exciting New Products in HD Satellite Distribution

15 July 2014

Check out our New Sat I.P Product

The "Triax TSS 400". An awesome piece of kit which can distribute a satellite signal across your home network to any IPTV device (IOS/Android Smartphones and tablets included) With the apps you can even record your favourite program to take with you wherever you go, saved onto your device. How cool is that!?

It simply uses the network to transmit the IPTV so you dont even use any of your data/download allowance.

We think it's a fantastic idea which is a cost effective way to get Satillite TV across your home, it requires 4 atandard LNB inputs, and this allows 4 seperate devices to view different channels all at the same time, and even better it will pick up FULL HD broadcasts too! (You will need a good internal network speed for this though!) (This means you can use a standard sky dish if you have one, and the only recomended upgrade would be to move onto the OCTO LNB to make the most of the Triax's capability.

Have a look, It's pretty neat.

Many Thanks

The A1 Team

CCTV - Why it is a wise investment for you?

16 September 2014

Why you should consider installing CCTV into your property.

Having already taken over our High Streets, shopping centres, car parks and just about every area of public life, home security is now also common place amongst many homes in the UK too. It is by far the most effective form of crime prevention so unsurprisingly as many as 1 in 10 households now own, or at least know someone who has CCTV installed on their property. If you’re not already one of the many closed-circuit TV owners, we at A1 digital are willing to help you out. And the first step is to tell you why you should accept our help and protect your home with CCTV.

- Works as a powerful crime deterrent.
Homes in desirable suburban areas with sky-high house prices suffer from a disproportionate number of burglaries, but intruders who become aware of the presence of CCTV surveillance systems will have second thoughts about breaking in as they’re more likely to be caught.

- Long-term financial benefits
Because CCTV acts as a deterrent, and the likelihood of intrusion is reduced, having CCTV on your property can lead to significant discounts in insurance premiums. Even the risk of fire has been shown to be reduced by the presence of CCTV, adding to the reduction of property insurance premiums. Plus, your losses as a result of theft could be significantly more compared to the cost of implementing a security system.

- Catch intruders or burglars red handed.
If you are unlucky enough to be targeted despite the presence of CCTV, they help to pinpoint and reprimand intruders in such cases.

- Low Cost
Some people may have never considered CCTV, believing it to be the luxury of the rich. But in actual fact most of today’s efficient consumer security technology comes at an extremely low cost.

- Simplicity of Installation
The best thing about technology today is that pretty much anyone can install their own CCTV. With a number of guides and helpful team members available to help you choose the right system and aid your fitting, CCTV can be easily installed and implemented.

- Peace of mind
With CCTV you can sleep easy knowing that you don’t have to be the sole eyes and ears for your property and family. Especially if you have already fallen victim to a break-in incident, CCTV will bring you peace of mind that the past is unlikely to repeat itself and that you’re looked out for.