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  • I was looking for a satellite receiver and A1 Digital were able to give me comprehensive advice and assist me with finding the right product for my requirements. Very helpful!
    Mr Champion
  • We needed a system that would satisfy all of our residents' needs. A1 Digital provided a solution, installed and tested it. The service was prompt and installed with a minimum of disruption. We will use A1 Digital for all of our future television and radio requirements. Well done Keith!
    Red Devon Housing Ltd

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Home and SME Networking

Networking is the process of sharing data between devices. A LAN (Local Area Network) is designed to share information between any network enabled devices in your home or office. These could be Computers, Printers, Network Storage Drives, Servers, even your Television Receiver (E.g Sky Films on Demand, or Youview catch up TV!).

To make the most of LAN a lot of people are using WiFi at home, this is the universal wireless system of data transfer which is accessible through any WiFi enabled device. (Often laptops, mobile phones, tablets, smart TV’s, printers etc…)

The next are of Networking is WAN (Wide Area Networking), Put in Layman’s Terms WAN is the internet, and it is the connection from your home/office to the outside world.

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