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RG6 Black Cable 100m

RG6 Black Cable 100m
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RG6 Black Cable 100m


Price: £29.77



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  • RG6 Cable ideally suited for domestic satellite & aerial  installations
  • Also available in white and brown. Supplied on 100m drums.
  • We can also supply lengths cut to your requirements.


Inner conductor: 1mm

Dialectric spacer: Foam PE

Screening: ALU/PET 

Brainding: TINNED/CU

Sheathing: PVC

Outside cable diameter: 6.5mm

Electrical characteristics 

Impedance: 75ohm

DC Resistance: below 24ohms per 1KM

Attenuation dB/100m

5MHz: 2.3

50MHz: 4.5

100MHz: 6.0


470MHz: 13.5

600MHz: 15.9

860MHz: 18.8

1000MHz: 21.5

1350MHz: 24.4

1750MHz: 28.5

2050MHz: 30.0

2150MHz: 32.6

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